Uttarbasti is an Ayurvedic procedure in that specific oil based mostly drugs or stewing is run within the canal, through urethral passage, with a syringe (urethral catheterization is not required).

Uttarbasti is a non invasive procedure with minimal or no pain, so physiological condition is not needed.

Procedure is carried out by an knowledgeable, under all sterile precautions and sterilized drugs is used, so there square measure no probabilities of introducing any reasonably infection into the canal.

Being day care treatment no hospitalization is needed and patient will resume work same day as bed rest is not required.

Most of the patients require 10 sittings that square measure sometimes done on alternate days.

Total duration of treatment is roughly twenty days.

Precautions to be taken during the treatment of Uttarbasti :

Drink lot of water to keep piddle white – rather like water

Urge of urine ought to neither be unnoticed nor forced

Avoid sexual activities including self-abuse

Avoid unnecessary catheterization or instrumentation in the canal