Sneha Basti

Sneha Basti Ayurvedic Treatment

Sneha Basti Ayurvedic Treatment Pune

Sneha basti ( Oil enema) – (Sneha basti involves administration of medicated ghee) here medicated clarified butter and oil preparations are used. It nourishes the body. Sneha Basti Ayurvedic Treatment Pune is vital part of Ayurvedic body de-toxification medical care called “Panchkarma”. Basti refers to irrigation, that is administration of medication through anal route. Sneha Basti Ayurvedic Treatment Pune is considered as lot of necessary and effective than other purifactory procedure explained in Ayurveda. It’s practiced in rainy season and in indicated vataja vikara like dysfunction, loss of strength, muscle atrophy, physiological condition, unhealthy pain, ureteric pain, hemorrhoids,memory loss, for weighty also as skeletal patients.

Advantages of Sneha Basti Ayurvedic Treatment Pune :

Administration of Sneha Basti Ayurvedic Treatment Pune balances vata dosha. Sneha Basti Ayurvedic Treatment Pune causes colonic de-toxification and helps to flush out all toxins within lower body not suggested (contraindicated) just in case of Patients higher than seventy years older or some anal disorders.

The vasti medication ready by combining several effective healthful herbs helps in:

Dosha shodhana – body process morbid doshas from body.
Samshamana – calming aggravated doshas
Sangrahi – accumulation of malas or waste matter
Brimhana – promotes bulk and makes skinny person stout
Langhana – emaciates the those who square measure fat or over-weight
Chakshu preenana – nourishes eyes
Norse deity palita apaha – eradicates ageing and premature greying
Vaya sthapana – establishes age (anti-ageing) and promotes longevity
Shareera upachaya – correct nourishment and development of body
Varnya – enhances color and complexion
Balam – enhances strength and immunity
Arogyam – promotes health
Ayushya – promotes quality and amount of life, enhances lifetime

Sneha Basti Ayurvedic Treatment Pune effectively reduces lower backache, and pain caused by gout and rheumatism.

Gastric problems such as constipation and flatulence can be treated effectively using Sneha Vasti.

Sneha Basti Ayurvedic Treatment Pune is indicated for management of neurological ailments such as paralysis.