Nasya Panchkarma

Nasya Karma Ayurvedic Treatment

Nasya Karma Ayurvedic Treatment Pune

Nasya Karma Ayurvedic Treatment Pune is the one amoung 5 major processes. It’s easy to apply medicine through this route. Nasya Karma Ayurvedic Treatment Pune is a therapeutic method during which medicines(herbal)are administrated through nostrils.The nose is the entry to our brain and consciousness.

Nasya Karma Ayurvedic Treatment Pune :

Nasiyam is given to illness of head, neck and shoulders. Imbalance of body humers (dosa imbalance) is balanced by nasya especially kapha sort imbalances. It’s used each as preventive and curative aspect. Nasya Karma Ayurvedic Treatment Pune is effective for head ache, migraine, frozen shoulder, hair fall, facial palsy etc.
Randomized controlled clinical trials have shown reduction in signs and symptoms of the cervical spondylosis by nasya. We have to organize our body for nasya therapy is known as ( Poorva Karma) Pre-therapeutic measures.Nasya Karma Ayurvedic Treatment Pune includes Snehana application of slightly warm oil on shoulder, neck and face then given from medicated water. After Nasya Karma Ayurvedic Treatment Pune patient need to follow post therapeutic measures (paschatkarma). He should rest until slime is spitted out, then gargle with hot water and wash face with it.
Dose, time and medication are going to be selected per the dosa aggrevated, type of body constitution, nature of ailments, strength of patient etc. Type of nasya is selected per body nature. Eliminative nasya, nutritive nasya, cleansing nasya, daily nasya these are differing kinds of nasya selection is made with assistance of ayurvedic doctor.
Nasya Karma Ayurvedic Treatment Pune refers to associate degree Ayurvedic medical care that features instillation of seasoning oils, juices or powders through the nasal route. It works specifically on disorders of ear, nose and throat. Nasya Karma Ayurvedic Treatment Pune is one in every of the 5  Panchakarma therapies. It’s particularly fascinating for diseases of elements higher than the bottom of the neck; nasal passage being the entranceway of the pinnacle.