Garbha sanskar

Garbha Sanskar

Ayurveda considers four vital factors for outcome of health kid,

Dhruvam chaturnam sannidhyat Garbha syat vidhipurvakam!

Krutukshetraambubeejanam samgyat ankuro yatha!! Sushrut Samhita – Sharira sthan

As for good plant, a farmer needs to have four factors – a good/right season once the seed is planted, a healthy seed, the fertile soil and water.

Ayurveda says same is true for a healthy kid.

These same factors in holistic physiological state for outcome of healthy and positive kid area unit as follows

  • Ritu – A right time
  • Kshetra – healthy uterus as well as healthy girls
  • Ambu – Nutrients for growth of foetus
  • Beeja – Healthy Ovum and healthy gamete

Ayurveda dictate a specific daily apply for the pregnant girl. Along with the prescription for diet, yoga and routine body care, instructions area unit additionally given for written language, subjects of discussion, and music and mantras to be listened to.

The Garbha sanskar program basically includes of 3 stages :

I) Preconception (Beej sanskar)

II) Duration of physiological state (Garbhasanskar)

III) Post Delivery (Bal sanskar)